Thursday, 6 March 2008

Lark Rise To Candleford

For the past month or so, Sunday evenings have long been one of my most favorite times of the week. BBC1 has been airing a wonderful ten-part adaptation of Flora Thompson's magical memoir of her Oxforshire childhood ~ Lark Rise to Candleford.

After watching the first couple of episodes and thoroughly enjoying them, I thought it prudent to purchase a copy of her immortal trilogy (book) containing ~ Lark Rise, Over To Candleford & Candleford Green .. A truly good read and a definite must for any avid reader of quintessential English life of a bygone era!

It’s an endearing portrayal of country life at the close of the 19th century, and depicts the story of three closely related Oxfordshire communities - a hamlet, the nearby village and a small market town. Based on Flora Thompson's own experiences during childhood and youth, it chronicles things such as May Day celebrations and forgotten children's games, the daily lives of farm workers and craftsmen, friends and relations, all painted with a gaiety and freshness of observation that make this trilogy an evocative and sensitive memorial to Victorian rural England.

Unfortunately, those of you in the States will be unable to purchase a "region 1" DVD of the BBC's adaptation Lark Rise to Candleford as they have only released region 2 (for Europe viewing) at present .. However, not to worry, if you're interested in purchasing a copy of her book simply click here .. I promise you won't be disappointed! ;)

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Katie said...

These will be MUST READS for me! I doooo so love English history and especially as written by my favorite writers, Jane and Dickens...My mom and I just finished watching "Becoming Jane" and had our hearts broken for her.Poor thing. It gave great insight into the main characters of her novels, though. so, yes, will have to read these as well, thank you for sharing!

Sea Angels said...

I do love Flora Thompsons books, I don't have a telly, but I will treat myself to the dvd to play on my computor, thankyou. I found you through Katie, and I shall love to come and visit your wonderful posts, oh what treats.
Have a happy week.
Lynn xx

Donna O. said...

Justine-Do I admit outloud that I haven't read any of them?? Shhh...don't tell!
But it's on my list of 'to do' before I can't see the print anymore!!


Just to say Hello, and what a nice blog, I am new to blogland, and am thrilled to discover such a lot of people with similar interests to myself. Simply love the Candleford series 'Its my One Weakness!' I read the books years ago, and its wonderful to revisit that time and place. xxVickyxx

Suzanne said...

Hi Justine~ Lana sent me a link to your lovely blog, and I'm enjoying my visit! Having read and love all of Jane's books, I have put Candleford in my shopping basket. Thank you for the recommendation.