Thursday, 6 March 2008

The comfort of Tea and Grandma's

My dear old Grandma used to have a saying whenever anything was troubling me as I was growing up .. "A nice cup of Tea always puts the world to rights, if only for a wee while!"

To be honest, it wasn’t just the tea which helped at times such as these, but mainly the quiet chats we used to have and the loving hugs she would always willingly bestow upon you at a moments notice.

Her sage advice and canny ability to put the world to rights in those short moments whilst sipping a hot cup of tea were nothing short of remarkable! No matter what the problem or sticky wicket (so to speak) would be, she could always find a helpful solution to ease your woes. Gosh, I sure do miss her!!!!

Anyway, I digress .. what I meant to tell you is that I've seen my fair share of comforting cups of tea these past couple of weeks as it's been somewhat of a trying time for us here at the Watson-Rosso household. We've just received news of where we will be going on our next assignment .. Seoul, Korea.

We are due to leave here (England) in late July, so at present we're trying to organize everything involved with undertaking a transatlantic move (oh what fun!). I shouldn't complain too much as the Army does help by providing the packing Co., etc, but I don't relish the thought of packing and unpacking our entire household contents yet again .. lol ;o)

Till next time, take care!


Katie said...

I had a grandma who always put the world to rights over warm rootbeer...she was descendend from hillbillys so I forgive her not making tea...but I do miss her quiet kisses and understanding nods while I was going through teenager things. I know the feeling you must be having, needing to sit over tea with her and discuss the move you don't want to make. I believe she can still hear you, though, so having tea by yourself and talking to her anyway,might make you feel better. Thank you for sharing, sweetie!

Little ol* Me said...

Oh Katie, you are such a sweetheart! Thank you so much for your kind words and advice! It truly means a lot!

Hope you have a lovely week!

PlumThicket said...
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