Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Are you per chance asking yourself why....

as to the reason why I started this blog? Well I suppose, to put it simply, it's a wee case of mere self indulgence if truth be told. Gosh, I sound like an absolute bore I know, but please bear with me .. You see, my world is in a slight state of flux at the moment. Alas, it's a long and convoluted tale to tell I'm afraid, but I hasten to add, this blog will not be one of woe (as such) but rather a place where I can hopefully call a home away from home, sharing some of my fondest memories of merry old England, along with lovely places one should visit whilst here in this neck of the woods, etc.

I should probably give you a brief summary as to why I'm at this stage (of melancholy musings so to speak), as I'm sure you're asking yourself why on earth would I want to continue reading, so I will try to keep this short & brief as best I can...

As with most folks, one always loves their homeland .. a place where they grew up, hold dear and feel at peace in. So, after being born and raised here in England for the best part of 23-years, one can probably understand why I have such a close bond with the place.

After leaving England roughly 9-years ago and marrying the love of my life (who serves as an officer in the U.S. Army), I finally had the chance to come home again for a 3-year tour of duty here in London, England .. Well, as the old saying goes “all good things must come to an end”, so here I sit writing this note as our time here in London draws to an end. Alas, we are due to leave England this coming summer .. we’re not exactly sure where our next assignment will be at present, but by the looks of things, all signs seem to be pointing towards Asia .. I’ll keep you posted ;o)

I apologies for rambling on so long, I had planned on keeping this short. If you’re still here reading the end of this note .. Thanks for listening!

Cheerio until next time

Take care!