Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Happy Saint George’s day everyone!

Today is England's national day, a day in which we celebrate St. George (our countries patron saint) by wearing red roses in our lapels and fly the Cross of St. George.

Alas, this is a sad fact to mention, but if truth be told, not all Brits celebrate today. I can't quiet put my finger on the main reason for this (I do have some theories, but that's another conversation entirely) .. however, I can say, by enlarge, most of us are terribly patriotic (including myself) and do celebrate today.

So for those of you out there who are likeminded .. "Happy St. Georges Day!"

PS: Incidentally, today's date is also reputed to be the day on which Shakespeare was born, and also sadly died.


Suzanne said...

The portion of my ancestry that is English celebrates along with you! (that would be a quarter of me) :)
Happy St. George's Day!

Thank you for your kind comments and for visiting me today!

Lana said...

A belated Happy St. George's Day to you too Jus!

softinthehead said...

Oh Justine....I had no idea this move was happening. Of course I have been caught up in my own dramas the past few months. Now I am having to deal with my son being in Chengdu, China.

Anyway, I went to your blog to see how you are and there it was! Your packing and moving! I think of you often and now I will keep you in those thoughts and send you all the positive energy I can. I LOVE this new place for you to hang your thoughts and traditions. It's a wee bit of home for you to keep with you. Hang in there my friend and keep me aware of your travels. Pam

Anonymous said...

Why did you stop writting? You have such a neat blog! Please, come back... will you?

Sunflower said...

I love your blog!! So beautiful. I thought you might enjoy my blog, too. Hope you'll visit sometime. Have a wonderful Christmas!

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